klaus view

  • Please bear in mind that the following is an IC point of view from a semi-despicable character.

Sir Giaccomo Moretti:
Scholar und warrior. Zis man underschtands power und the need to gain it. Hiz goals may be a little driven by hiz conspiracy theory about hiz own clan based on our learnings in ze catacombs, aber er ist driven to hiz goal. I can respect zis man, it is zad to say zat his passion for power is vasted on hiz choice to follow this Road of … death worship. He would make a great follower to ze Road uf Kings. I vill continue to work with him as long az ze benefit is mutual.

Elanor Cromwell:
Ze Ventrue wench whom, I must zay, I vas none too impressed vith upon our meeting… Has zurprized me. Sie ist conniving und underhanded when need be, but diplomatic when required. Her handling of her fellow… Ventrue, has left me in a situation where I am not overly upzet about vorking with her. No doubt her Humanity vill be ze end of her though, it iz her weakness und I enjoy vaching her slip slowly away from it. Poor zing, embraced into ze wrong ways.

I am not sure vat to zay about Patrick, er ist as mad as a Malkavian at times, which makes for a ztark contrast to hiz clanmate Giaccomo. I vould prefer to vork vith Giaccomo’s ztability and drive for strength zan Patrick’s quiet yet eerily successful methods. I vill not fault him too far, he has given up on hiz humanity, aber his chaos is vat vorries me. Despite zis, he iz a staunch ally und I’m sure ve vill work together again in ze future.

Viscount Leonzio:
Er ist new… I respect his lust for power und proof of zis by ze amaranth of Michael himzelf… Despite hiz human veaknesses, much like Elanor’s he haz fought beside mich with hiz army of mercenaries. Hiz azzistance in fending off ze twice-damned Tremere in my battle to zecure the Salubri’s safety was absolutely necessary. Er vould make a great general if he vere to do away with zilly human things.

Killian “Krieger”:
Mein secret und mein ally in blood. Were hat been bonded by the strictest blood link, drank from each other thrice in mein research und need to ensure her loyalty. Only my fellows know currently vat her true origin iz. Sie ist dangerous und I believe a few of meine other allies know und understand zis as vell, aber I have control, I know her past und if sie were to turn on mich zen sie vould surely perish at Tzimisci hands. Sie haz aided mich in creating meine brood, sie house Krieger und so if sie were to go back to her ill gotten blood… sie would be slaughtered fur her betrayal surely.

klaus view

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